Qiilu DC 12V 16A 4 Gang Red LED Rocker Switch Panel with Circuit Breaker for Car RV Boat Yacht Marine

  • This item can be used to control car headlight, work light, car refrigerator and vacuum cleaner etc
  • With LED indicator on the switch, you can find the switch position quickly at night or poor lighting conditions, more safer and easier to operate
  • With overload, short circuit and lower-voltage protection function, it can protect the safety of line and power supply
  • Each switch has a PC protective cover to prevent water and dust entering it, and prolong the service life of the switch
  • Comes with vehicle and boat label stickers, the corresponding control instructions can be attached to the switch according to your needs

Made of ABS flame retardant environmental protection material, lower requirements of working environment, highly optimized for general use. Widely used for car, SUV, sports car, bus, yacht, ship with input voltage is DC2V.

Material: ABS/PC Flame Retardant Environmental Protection Material
Shell Color: Black
Light Color: Red
Input Voltage: DC 2V
Working Temperature: -25ȃ- 80ȃ
Switch Number: 4 Gang
Protection Grade: IP66
Each Switch Max. Current: 6A
Size: 3 * 5cm/5. * 2.0in
Package Weight: approx.34g
Fitment: Universal

Package List:
* Rocker Switch Panel
* Label Sticker
2 * Screws


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